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Native Clojure with GraalVM

Clojure Clojure is one of the most powerful programming languages out there. It’s unique approach to functional programming, being a dynamically typed language is very powerful. It’s a dialect of Lisp, one of the oldest and most powerful languages itself. Lisp was one of the first to introduce concepts like first class functions or anonymous fun... Read more

Laziness and Infinity

One of the most beautiful concepts that functional programming was built upon, is lazy evaluation. Lazy evaluation is a common technique not only in functional languages but in many other programming languages as well but it’s much more efficient to do in functional languages because we know that there aren’t any side effects. Some languages are... Read more

Functional Programming

So you have decided to learn functional programming, great! You visit the first website, read a book, watch a video, and maybe listen to a podcast; when suddenly you realize that functional programming is a completely different kind of programming. That it is a fundamental change in the way you see and interact with computer programs. And maybe ... Read more

The Wonders of Artificial Neural Networks

A while ago, our AI professor gave us an assignment to apply what we learned about Artificial Neural Networks. It was simple, and pretty easy to be honest. It said: Write a Neural Network that predicts f(x)=x². For any of you who have taken any AI or Machine Learning course, or even wrote any ANN code before, you’ll know that predicting the sq... Read more